20 October 2010

The Basin Plan Knowledge and Information Directory (BP-KID)

The Basin Plan Knowledge and Information Directory (BP-KID) identifies information and knowledge, including scientific and socioeconomic, that underpins the development of the proposed Basin Plan. Where possible, these resources can be accessed online or via their publisher/custodian.

BP-Kid is accessed at

Science supporting water management in the Murray-Darling Basin

Social Impact of Changing Water Regimes - framework and Echuca case study

A Victorian River Rescue Package: 2010 Election Policy Priorities

Tropical Rivers Futures Forum Report

Proportion of diverted surface water used for irrigation in different surface water management areas

Victoria River Catchment, Northern Territory: An Assessment of the Physical and Ecological Condition of the Victoria River and its Major Tributaries

Sites marked on the map above are telemetered gauging stations

Location of Primary Production in Victoria

Victorian Groundwater Management Units - Map

National Land and Water Resources Audit

The National Land and Water Resources Audit (the Audit) was funded by the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust. It was set up in 1997 to improve land, water and vegetation management by providing better information to resource managers. The Audit ended on 30 June 2008.
The Australian Natural Resources Atlas (the Atlas) is the web-based community interface to all the information prepared by the Audit. It provides an extensive range of information across the seven key areas. It is the repository of the entire suite of Audit outputs.

Catchments, Victoria - Map

Catchments, NSW - Map

National Water Commission: National Water Initiative: 2009 Biennial Assessment of Progress in Implementation - Discussion Paper - December 2008

18 October 2010

Central Highlands Water Report 2007/08

COAG Communique - 25 February 1994

Hilmer Report - Competition Policy

Memorandum of Understanding - MDB Reform - COAG - 28 March 2008

Memorandum of Understanding for Irrigation Drainage Management and Water Quality

Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008 - South Australia

Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008 No 69 - New South Wales

Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008 - Queensland

Water Act 1989 - Section 46 - Victoria

Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008 - Queensland

Water Act 2007 and Water Regulations 2008 - Information Sheet 2

Water Act 2007 - Commonwealth

Building resilient futures with less water: communities can but not on their own


Guide to the proposed Basin Plan